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Meet our 2022-2023 Executive Officers

What I want others to know about JAES:

“This is one amazing group of fearless, strong, beautiful women, who collectively come together with their minds, their strengths, their ideas, their work ethic, and just get it done! Who run the world? Girls! No but seriously, I am proud of the work we do, I am proud of the hearts we touch, I am proud of the sacrifices these women make, to make a difference for children and families in our local community they do not often times know. It takes a selfless, servant heart to serve in the capacity that each of these women serve, giving up time with their own families, while many working full time jobs, volunteering within schools and with other entities, to still make our JAES service and outreach projects successfully happen. I am truly honored to serve our Chapter as President, leading a group of 40+ women to make a true, lasting impact within our local community.”

What I want others to know about JAES:

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2nd Vice President: Brandi Walker
Recording Secretary: Sonja Summers
Treasurer: Bryn Edgerly
Assistant Treasurer: Neshanta Linson
Provisional Trainer: Carla Coleman
Assistant Provisional Trainer: Jamie Breaux
Public Relations / Media: Libba Wilkes
Assistant Public Relations: Kailtyn Leblanc Hannaman
Education Chair: Kelsia Robb
Hospitality/Membership: Teri Thompson
Ex Officio/Parliamentarian: Robin White

Active Members

Amanda Olive, Andrea Napiontek, Angela Salyers, Annie Dixon, Ashley Greer, Brandi Walker, Brenda Kasch, Brittani Lee, Bryn Edgerly, Caren Reid
Carla Coleman, Carol Gillen, Haley Elkins, Heather Kinder, Jamie Breaux
Jennifer Smith, Jessica Duggan, Jill Phillips, Kaitlyn Leblanc Hannaman
Katie Meisch, Kelsey Lovett, Kelsia Robb, Kristin Baxter, Kristen Wootten
Lauren Curl, Libba Wilkes, Lindsey Simmons, Mamie Brett, Megan Munsey
Megan Smith, Misti Hickman, Molly Hamilton, Nancy Ranck, Neshanta Linson, Olivia Waldrop, Rainer Bradley, Sabrina Reeves, Sonja Summers
Tara Adas, Teresa Lipscomb, Terri Thompson, Veronica Bishop

Life Members