Thank you for taking time to investigate your interest in becoming a member of Junior Auxiliary of the Eastern Shore. As a Christian Women’s organization, we are continually praying for women in our community who sense God’s calling on their lives to join us in our mission and ministry to help the children of the Eastern Shore. Below is an outline of the basic responsibilities we hold as JAES members. Please read and prayerfully consider your commitment. We would love to serve with you.

A year of service in JAES is not based on a calendar year but rather similar to the school year as it runs from August – May. Please note that any reference to “a year” in the following information is referring to this timeline.

Each year, members are given the opportunity to reach out to respected ladies of our community during our membership campaign. Invitations to our Prospective Members Social are given to women who our members believe would be an asset to the mission of our organization and asked to join our Prospective Membership Class. Ladies who are interested in becoming involved, contact the member who extended the invitation. The social provides the ladies with an opportunity to find out more about JAES and meet our Active, Associate, & Life Members.

If you do not know a member of JAES and would like to become a candidate for the next Prospective Membership Class, access the Provisional Candidate Form at the following link: Provisional Candidate Form. Print and complete the form, return to JAES through an active member, scan & submit by email, or mail to P.O. Box 2061 Fairhope, Alabama 36533.

Recommendations are considered by the Executive Board and then brought before the chapter. Each year there is a limited amount of Provisional Membership allowed. Selections for Provisional Membership are based upon availability.

– Upon first joining JAES, ladies are part of a Provisional Class for that year. The Provisional Class Members are required to obtain a minimum of 12 hours. Hours will include monthly Provisional training, a Provisional Service Project, and regular monthly Chapter Meetings. Attendance of two-thirds of the monthly meetings (6 total) is required for Provisional and Active Members.
– Annual dues for Provisional members is $160 and is due April 1st of each year ($50 provisional dues + $110 for upcoming active member dues)

– Provisional Members become Active Members upon completing their required service hours in good standing and being inducted into the organization in January following their Provisional Training.
– A minimum of 24 Service Hours and 12 Continuing Education Hours are needed to be a member in good standing. Hours obtained through any work on a particular project is considered service hours. Monthly meetings are counted toward Continuing Education Hours. All other hours are considered Administration. (Further explanation of the breakdown of hours is provided in our manuals. If you have any questions about the time commitment, please feel free to contact us.)

Financial Obligations of All Members
– Annual Dues of $110.00 and is due by April 1st of each year.
– Annual Fundraiser is the sale of beautiful Ferns for Spring. Each member is required to sell at least 10 ferns and orders are usually due around mid-February.

After five years of Active Membership in good standing, members become Associate Members. Annual dues for Associate Members becomes $50.00 per year and service hours are appreciated by the organization but no longer required. Dues are still due by April 1st of each year.  After 5 years of Associate Membership in good standing, members become Life Members with no annual dues

Thank you again for your time and interest.


For questions or more information please contact:

2022-2023 Provisional Trainer, Carla Coleman,