Junior Auxiliary of the Eastern Shore

“Blessing Bags”

Junior Auxiliary of the Eastern Shore has recognized the need to feed our local children, on the weekends, who depend on school breakfast and lunches each day in order to eat and not go hungry.

Our JAES Blessing Bags Committee works hand-in-hand with teachers and school counselors at Fairhope East Elementary School, Silverhill Elementary, Magnolia School, Fairhope High School, and Foley High School to identify students who are food insecure and provides those students with easy to prepare snacks and meals to take home each weekend. Junior Auxiliary of the Eastern Shore members are able to independently shop in bulk, package and label our “Blessing Bags” to be placed discreetly in the child’s backpack each Friday. Each blessing bag contains enough meals and snacks to feed one child from Friday (after school) through Sunday night, every weekend throughout the school year.  For some children, this is the only “food” they are currently receiving during the weekend.

The average cost is $165 per child for an entire school year. It is our hope, with the assistance of our community, to reach as many children who are food insecure and in need, as possible. We have the ability to do more, and extend to other schools that do not currently have a funded weekend backpack program with the right resources.  

Donations of any amount are welcomed and appreciated, but a $165 donation will sponsor weekend food for a child in need, for the entire school year. 

As a community, we WELCOME YOU to join our efforts!!! How can you help???

“JAES Blessing Bags”

Below you have the option to donate and sponsor a “Blessing Bag” for a local child or multiple children in need. Any donation amount is appreciated, but your $165 pledge to sponsor a child will ensure they are provided weekend meals and snacks for an entire school year. 

Be a Blessing to a local Child, Sponsor a “Blessing Bag”

Blessing Bag Monetary Donation

I would like to make a donation pledge to sponsor a child(ren) with 1 FULL SCHOOL YEAR of weekend meals and snacks My one-time $165 donation will help provide a Blessing Bag every weekend for the entire school year for a child.


Blessing Bag Monetary Donation

I would like to make a monetary donation (choose amount below) to go toward a Blessing Bag for local Eastern Shore Children in need



Thank you for your generous donation to help feed a child in need here on the Eastern Shore. Your help & contribution to our community does not go unnoticed. 

Junior Auxiliary of the Eastern Shore is a 501(c)(3) organization who provides support to children and families in our local community. Our mission is to identify the needs of children, youth and their families in our community, and meet those needs to enhance educational achievement, physical health and emotional well-being. Your donation today, and always, is 100% tax deductible. 

Junior Auxiliary of the Eastern Shore currently works with any schools without a weekend food backpack program.